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  1. All customers will be treated with respect and politeness.
  2. Our vehicles will reflect our belief in good customer care by being clean at all times.
  3. We shall introduce ourselves by name to the new customers and call our old customers by name.
  4. We shall seek to save the customers time by ensuring we pick the up on time.
  5. We shall dress in a manner that potrays proffessionalism in our work.
  6. In case of any complains we shall seek to resolve in the shortest time possible ensuring that such complains do not recur in the future.
  7. At Jaycab we shall always seek to do it right the first time to avoid any repeats.
  8. We shall seek to do our job professionally at all times ensuring that proper records and documents are kept at all times.
  9. We are in a service industry and any opportunity to delight our customers we shall do just that.
  10. We shall seek to excel both with our internal customers through teamwork and external customers through dedication.
  11. We shall be dedicated to our work at all times to ensure excellent customer service no matter the time of the day.
  12. Our mission is to provide the best customer service and be a leader in the tours and car hire industry.
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